Log4JS is a logging class in similar spirit to Apache Logging, specifically Log4J. Log4JS is a javascript class that can be used to log messages to a customizable logger class. The primary use for this is in debugging javascript code.

Four logger classes are included: alert, write, popup, and console. For more information, please see the docs.

Example usage: test.html

      <script src="log4js.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
      Log4JS test...<hr/>
          // Setup log objects
          //  log object of priority debug and the popup logger
          var log = new Log(Log.DEBUG, Log.popupLogger);
          //  log object of priority warn and the alert logger
          var log2 = new Log(Log.WARN, Log.alertLogger);
          //  log object of priority debug and the console logger (Safari)
	  var log3 = new Log(Log.DEBUG, Log.consoleLogger);
          log.debug('foo1');     // will popup a new window and log 'foo'
          log.warn('bar1');      // will add a new 'bar' message to the popup
          log2.debug('foo2');    // will do nothing (Log object's priority threshold is WARN)
          log2.warn('bar2');     // will display a javascript alert with the string 'bar'
          log3.debug('foo3');    // will log message to Safari console or existing popup 
          log3.warn('bar3');     // same
          log.info(Log.dumpObject(new Array('apple','pear','orange','banana')));

minimized log4js.js
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